CNS*2021 Workshop 10

Training Resources for Cross Initiative Data-driven Modeling Workflows

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Organizers: Training Task Force

Data Standards and Sharing Working Group of the International Brain Initiative

July 6, 2021 10:00AM to 1:30PM EDT

While many BRAIN Initiatives and other resources have publicly available training materials that are associated with the data and software platforms that they produce, the global neuroscience community lacks training resources and documentation about data and modeling workflows that span initiatives. We aim to fill in these gaps for one community – researchers building data-driven models of neurons and neuron circuit models. The goal of this workshop is to bring this community together to identify existing training materials and gaps that can be filled so that a coherent “course” on this topic can be assembled and shared at the INCF Training Space. Over time, additional workflows and resources can be added so that researchers can identify relevant data repositories and modeling resources efficiently and find the information that they need to use them.


(All Times US East Coast EDT)
10:00 Welcome from International Brain Initiative
Kenji Doya, Working Group Co-Chair, Japan Brain/MINDS / OIST

10:10 Introduction to the workshop goals
Sharon Crook, Task Force Co-Chair, Arizona State University

10:20 INCF TrainingSuite: Neuroeducation without borders
Mathew Abrams, INCF

10:40 EBRAINS/Human Brain Project tools and workflows for data-driven modeling
Andrew Davison, CNRS/Université Paris-Saclay

11:00 Open data, analysis/modeling tools, and workflows from the Allen Institute
Shinya Ito and Kaitlyn Casimo, Allen Institute

11:20 Break

11:30 Break-out Session One

12:15 Reporting and Discussion of Session One

12:30 Break-out Session Two

13:15 Reporting and Discussion of Session Two


  • Sharon Crook, Arizona State University
  • Malin Sandström, INCF
  • Saskia de Vries, Allen Institute of Brain Science
  • Maaike van Swieten, EBRAINS & Human Brain Project
  • Vergil Haynes, Arizona State University

Participants Representing Tools, Repositories, and Initiatives

  • Mathew Abrams, INCF Training Suite
  • Shailesh Appukuttan, SciUnit & HBP Model Validation
  • Upi Bhalla, MOOSE
  • Kaitlyn Casimo, Allen Institute Data Resources
  • Andrew Davison, EBRAINS & HBP Workflows
  • Ben Dichter, Neurodata Without Borders
  • Salvador Dura Bernal, NetPyNE
  • Gaute Einevoll, Uncertainpy
  • Padraig Gleeson, NeuroML & Open Source Brain
  • Jan Grewe, NIX
  • Carlos Gutierrez, SNNBuilder
  • Shinya Ito, Allen Institute Modeling Pipelines & SONATA
  • Carmen Lupascu, Optimization in HBP Pipelines
  • Robert McDougal, NEURON & ModelDB
  • Petra Ritter, The Virtual Brain
  • Ankur Sinha, NeuroML & Open Source Brain
  • Marcel Stimberg, Brian Simulator
  • Saori Tanaka, Brain/MINDS MRI Project
  • Werner Van Geit, BluePyOpt
  • Thomas Wachtler, GIN
  • Fleur Zeldenrust, OCNS Education & Training Representative

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